DEMOS (2011​/​2012)

by Galia Social

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released April 13, 2012



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Galia Social Orlando, Florida

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Track Name: Cancer (Demo)
I wonder when we go
when our warm blood runs cold
body without a soul
will you believe the stories we've been told

now I'm begging for an answer
yes I'm asking anyone
you've cursed me with this cancer
could have been a better son
all I want is your forgiveness
but if it's time time to go
have mercy on my soul

I wonder what it's like
to be at peace of mind
I look out in the sky
to see the chances fade
I close my eyes

I gave into an enemy's
wisdom I spoke
out at the cost of energy
carving my bones
the damage grows
I fear the possibility
I stand alone
have mercy on my soul

I watch the willows weep
in shades of ecstasy
It's so hard to believe
I won't surrender
take what's left of me
Track Name: Revolution (Demo)
fire into the afterlife
warriors of freedom never let go
he's fighting to find a compromise
lighting up a world of the unknown

thoughts expand
reach inside
with shaking hands
no peace of mind

he dare not speak
revolution at a war
the memories of love don't shield
a burden anymore
conceived at last
all the freedom to explore
the memories of love don't make
it worth it anymore

staring into the widow's eyes
sailing ships away from all that she's know
she's beating a pulse electrified
stripped away from all the pleasures of home

thoughts expand
frozen spine
with swollen glands
and gleaming eyes

she dare not speak revolution at a war

rising as the sun is falling
statues crawl into the deep blue
see the revolution dying
in my hands they bleed

we dare not speak revolution at a war

at all
Track Name: Radio (Demo)
the radio is playing got your windows down
you don't know what I'm saying but you sing it out
and I notice you sound a lot like me (the feeling's lost)
you don't know where you're going but you're knowing that
you're going with the flow and you ain't going back
but I know this the road will set you free (believe)

still you say I'm so naive

...but all I know
he used to listen to the radio
and sing all night long with me

I remember all the days we were so alive
the memories we made they will never die
and you're rolling you're rolling down a dream (the memory)
no matter what you say if you are alone
you dare not hesitate to pick up the phone
I'll be there if you need a friend in me (believe)

but now we sing a different melody
Track Name: The End (Demo)
solar systems start to shake
oceans overflow
violent sky a gathered crowd
chaos in control

a thunder drum beats diamond walls
as lighting strikes the sound
the world in pandemonium
the sky is falling down

radiation spills like rain
heavy afterglow
lunatics are viewed as sane
symptom diagnosed

a test of will a test of faith
what will we have to show
when there is nothing left of us
but pictures made of bone

tidal waves are breaking
as we sink or will we swim
a tragedy testing our will to live
oxygen escaping
as we shake under our skin
I know we'll never be exposed again

hold me close
it'll all be over soon
I won't let go of you

a miracle commands the shore
a system to escape
reality becomes the dream
we leave without a trace
Track Name: Choices (Demo)
the call came through
it was a January night
when he got the news
burning up inside
it was time to go
cover up the scar
with the words he wrote
and that old guitar

then his one true love spoke clearly
said what will you do
I need some room to breathe
and so do you

everyone's got their choices to make
you've got to let your heart lead the way

caught in the moment in between
the truth and a lie
it's all that's left
as tears filled her eyes
a voice still rings
swallow up the pride
before you go
boy you better think twice

then his one true love spoke clearly
said what will you choose
the girl of your dreams
or a dream come true

will you keep it together
when you feel the storm inside
I need you in my life

through worse and through better
through the struggle and the climb
I need you in my life

then his heart it spoke sincerely
said it's time to go
so he kissed her lips
one last time
said I'm sorry
I've lost control