DEMOS (2012​/​2013)

by Galia Social

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released October 24, 2013



all rights reserved


Galia Social Orlando, Florida

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Track Name: Follow (Demo)
If we'd only use our minds
we could learn to build new eyes
and see the world upside down

there's no tension in the clouds
the suspension of your doubt
will be cemented in the ground

like a water fall of age (follow)
only water fills your veins (follow)
as life recycles all around (follow me now)

I've been dreaming lately...

travel at the seams of light
all the years you left behind
the time is non existent now

come to life as you embark
through nirvana healing scars
with medication I am found

upside down
Track Name: Warning Signs (Demo)
flashing lights
ignite the sky
I elevate so high
far above out of reach

the deceiving is misleading

I clearly am full of life and ignoring the warning signs
we will rise we will stand on the edge tonight
out of sight out of mind when we roll the dice
full of life and ignoring the warning signs

and if I
re-program my mind
the voice I hear inside
will be lost in silence

unidentified are watching
through cold stares inviting

I am out of sight

I'll be waiting for a sign

and my time...
Track Name: Xavier (Demo)
what made you decide?
were you left behind?

to act upon the motive of your sin
I'm controlling all those thoughts that linger in your head
I'm controlling

would you set in flames the key to all I treasure and suffocate my hope
you speak and loathe
your efforts never will change the weather
soon your conscience will erode

in the distance
no escape
you hear the voices call your name
they sound like me your mind is made
in the distance
no one's safe